A Response to A Real Need

Sitting at home, or perhaps already sound asleep, the calm of the evening is shattered: bright-flashing lights, screaming and yelling, policemen herding you outside – chaos.  “Who is this person taking me to the hospital?  Where am I going?  Where will I sleep?  I want my teddy bear.  Can I go home?”

This is reality for some children in homes where drug abuse is making its presence known.  The toxicity of the drug has poisoned everything. Suddenly uprooted from everything they know because a parent decided to produce methamphetamine in the home, the children pay the price.  They may not go back into the house nor can they take any belongings with them.

Covered With Love provides packages to comfort these children in their time of greatest need. The package includes pajamas or sweat suit, personal hygiene items, a homemade blanket and a stuffed animal.  They are also provided with an age-appropriate Bible if they choose to have one.  Over three years, 300 care kits have been delivered to children in DeKalb, Noble, LaGrange and Steuben Counties.