The vision of our church is to live life with God and encourage each other.  Spending time with The Father and with each other. 

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One of the ways to do this is to serve with the spiritual gifts God has given to us.  Click here to take the spiritual gift survey. 

Thank you for taking time to discover Auburn Church of the Nazarene! We are a group of people who value friendships while seeking a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.  The church is enjoying our new facilities at 2301 N. Main Street, just south of DeKalb High School.  This location has put us in a position to impact and serve the community in many ways.  Perhaps our most successful community outreach has been the introduction of Upward Basketball and Cheerleading to this area. From the beginning, we have enjoyed and appreciated our fellow community churches as they have seen the vision and joined in this effort to provide a Christ-centered emphasis for our youth in a sporting context. 

  The Lord has blessed this congregation with a very active and growing children’s ministry. 
The youth group, known as “Fahrenheit 412”, meets on Wednesday nights. Youth Pastor, Mark Mahoney, is a seasoned veteran in youth ministry. Called of God to communicate Jesus Christ to middle school and high school students, Mark leads many great activities for the youth throughout the year. Pastor Mark also leads in a dynamic worship experience for teens each week.
In looking through the pages of the website, you will find many opportunities for serving and enjoying the life of Jesus….. as together we grow in His likeness.   
Please feel free to visit the worship celebration any Sunday at 10:00 a.m.