Words of Power

several weeks ago, I asked my son to do something and I got frustrated when he didn't respond right away to my request. In response to his unwillingness to do what I asked, I raised my voice to him and he immediately did what I had asked. A few hours later, I asked him to do something else and as I looked at him to ask he started to get tears in his eyes and his little lips started to sink as though he was going to start crying as he asked me "are you mad daddy?" Ouch! I didn't realize how deep my words earlier had wounded him and although I love him more than anything else, I had allowed my son to become a casualty in the war between words of power. I could have and should have easily spoken with love instead of being unreasonably harsh with him and wounding him like I did. I see this to be true in so many area's of life when words we speak can be so powerful and can either make or break someone. Our words can literally be helpful or hurtful to others. An example of how powerful words can simply be can be seen in Matthew chapter 8 when Jesus encounters the Roman soldier who requests Jesus to heal his servant. As Jesus agrees to go to the servant, the roman soldier simply says "Lord, I am not worthy to have you come into my home. just say the word from where you are, and my servant will be healed.... then Jesus said to the roman officer, "go back home. because you believed, it has happened. and the young servant was healed that same hour."  wow! talk about words of power! Jesus simply spoke the words and the servant was healed! Just as God spoke the world into being, so Jesus can heal at just speaking... and although we are simply human, our words can also have great effect on others. Let's remember to speak words of love towards others instead of hateful words because we never know when someone has been wounded and a few words of love can really go a long way.