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so I'm minding my own business and I am doing the Christian thing by reading my devotions one afternoon after giving Jeffrey lunch. He finishes his lunch and as I'm fulfilling my duties he is watching cartoons and out of the blue he says... "daddy I'm hungry!" I have no doubt that he is a growing boy and he needs nourishment but when I asked him why he was hungry... his reply was "I'm bored". ding! ding!

Words of Power

several weeks ago, I asked my son to do something and I got frustrated when he didn't respond right away to my request. In response to his unwillingness to do what I asked, I raised my voice to him and he immediately did what I had asked. A few hours later, I asked him to do something else and as I looked at him to ask he started to get tears in his eyes and his little lips started to sink as though he was going to start crying as he asked me "are you mad daddy?" Ouch!

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